Virtual BroadcastPro Tech Webinar | 27 July 2023 | Online

Exploring digital transformation, remote
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27 July 2023, Online

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BroadcastPro Tech Webinar

The broadcast industry has witnessed significant change in recent times with the entertainment experience continuously adapting to accommodate new and changing viewership behaviour, and technologies going through a parallel recalibration and advancement to keep pace with market needs.

The BroadcastPro Tech Webinar serves as a platform to monitor and explore these shifts, and better understand how the industry is re-evaluating its strategies to meet growing market demands. The digital transformation journey continues to be on the agenda of several corporate organisations with cloud, IP, remote production and other technologies getting the attention that is due to them. Industry professionals will discuss the market status quo, the challenges they face, the strategies in place and where we are headed.



The BroadcastPro Tech Webinar will be streamed live on 27 July 2023.



The virtual conference will look at technologies that will enable the industry to deliver a more efficient entertainment experience over multiple platforms. It will examine advancements within OTT to ensure a more seamless service that keeps churn at bay, and we will hear from the gurus in the industry on new areas of both technical and commercial interest including the boom in free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services.

There’s never been a more critical time to turn on, tune in and get the guidance you need to take well-informed action.



The last edition of the BroadcastPro Tech Summit saw the event hosted virtually, with over 1,750 industry professionals tune in over the two days.

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The virtual event saw 69% of the viewers connect from the MENA region and a combined 31% from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Levant and Oceania – reaching all corners off the globe.



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Key debates at the BroadcastPro Tech Webinar will revolve around these topics:

Remote production

How to maximise its potential

Remote production is increasingly becoming important to source skills globally without breaking the bank. With the addition of new live events and the lack of a local talent pool, more regional companies are seeking global talent to operate from where they reside. We bring you some pertinent case studies

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Newsroom technologies

Evolving in the MENA marketplace

With several regional news channels having revamped their facilities in recent times and at least three news channels having launched in the last five months, we look at how storytelling has changed in newsrooms with the addition of VR, AR and mixed reality helping audiences get closer to the action.

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IP integration

Is it a necessity?

With many companies in a state of technology debt, where they are struggling with legacy products and processes brought on by building on layers of proprietary equipment over the years, the transition to IP brings them to one central question – where do we begin and how do we make it happen without breaking the bank? Experts will attempt to demystify areas that continue to confound engineering teams and perhaps offer new perspectives to ease the journey to IP.

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Cloud migration

Where do we stand?

There is no doubt that companies need to embrace cloud in some aspects of their workflow but how do we address migration, connectivity, budget, integration and interoperability? Industry practitioners will discuss best practices to accelerate cloud adoption.

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It’s being rolled out pretty fast

FAST services have dramatically altered how linear channels are created, distributed, and consumed. Experts will explore how these services will enable broadcasters to experiment with new TV formats, use data to serve different ads to different households and how FAST can potentially help democratise the world of content delivery.

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This webinar will bring together the industry’s leading minds for an insightful event filled with discussions and presentations.

July 27 / Thurs / 01:20 PM (UAE TIME)

Introduction & Welcome

BroadcastPro Middle East

Vijaya Cherian


01:30 PM – 02:40 PM (UAE TIME)

Panel Discussion
TV Broadcasting 2.0: Innovations in Generative AI, Cloud, and Streaming for the Future

  • Generative AI: Transforming TV Broadcasting with Innovative Content Creation
  • Cloud-Based Broadcasting: Scalable Solutions for Next-Level Content Delivery
  • AI-Powered MAM: Streamlining Content Management for Efficient Broadcasting
  • Next-Gen Delivery: Unleashing Cutting-Edge Technologies for Seamless Streaming
  • Personalization and Recommendations: Fueling Viewer Engagement in TV Broadcasting
  • Securing Streaming: Battling Piracy and Protecting Valuable Content
  • FAST Revolution: Exploring the Growing Landscape of Free Ad-Supported Streaming

Moderator: Vijaya Cherian, Editor, BroadcastPro Middle East

Zee Entertainment Middle East FZ LLC

Manish Kapoor

EVP – IT & Broadcast

White Peaks Solutions

Jessy Abou Habib


White Peaks Solutions

Salloum El Dahdaah



Melvin Saldanha

Director of Technology

International Media Investments

Suhail Ahmed

Advisor Technology and Strategy

02:45 PM – 03:05 PM (UAE TIME)

Optimising Playout Costs: Maximising Automation Potential

Unlocking the Benefits of Advanced Monitoring and Control for More Streamlined Playout


Roman Ceano

Business Development Manager


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