Hanif Khan – Virtual BroadcastPro Tech Webinar | 27 July 2023 | Online


Exploring CDNs, Cloud Broadcasting, IP,
streaming and steps to sustaining
successful video streaming

14 – 15 June 2021, Online
Director of Antipiracy and Content Security | OSN

Hanif khan

Hanif is responsible for the monitoring and controlling of piracy of OSN channels and content over several piracy platforms in the MENA region through technological disruption and ensuring enforcement actions by local authorities in the marketplace within the region. His mandate is to increase bottom-line profitability through sales-centric anti-piracy strategies.

Hanif is an accomplished manager with the experience to develop and implement anti-piracy strategies that are in-line with, and, support the core of the business and its objectives. Over the years, he has Ideated and led key initiatives within the Antipiracy Department that has led to the disruption of several pirate services, ensuring reduced sales and supply of pirate devices in the markets across the region and over online forums.

Having a combined experience of 18+ years in Pay TV and the Digital Media space – 15 of those have been in the region overseeing multiple departments within Pay TV companies, including areas such as; managing sales channels, commercial operations and business development, establishing and leading the antipiracy function with leading Pay TV networks in the region.

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