Suhail Ahmed – Virtual BroadcastPro Tech Webinar | 27 July 2023 | Online


Exploring digital transformation, remote
production, newsroom solutions, cloud
opportunities, IP and OTT technologies

27 July 2023, Online
Advisor Technology and Strategy | International Media Investments

Suhail Ahmed

A mature C-Level techie with years of hands-on experience working with global customers and raised in the UAE , Suhail has extensive understanding of the culture and social structures within the region. Having spent half his career as an end user and the other half as a systems integrator has allowed him to enhance his network and help media houses resolve their challenges in unique and interesting ways. He has a comprehensive understanding of regional policies and the drivers behind them, allowing him to create unique strategies that are de-centralised in nature allowing for greater success across MENA and Africa as a whole. He has managed to forge great relationships with manufacturers and within the C-Level community based on trust and transparency. Digital is first in everything he does; at the same time, people are at the core of his technology and operational practice. In his words, he “enjoys making the impossible possible”.

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